About 50/50

50/50 by 2150 is a concept, a starting point of an idea for how humanity can live on the Earth for the next thousand years without utterly destroying the natural environment.

The concept is very simple: reserve half of the Earth for nature.  Which half?  Half of everything.  Start with an arbitrary checkerboard.  If the (integer) latitude plus longitude number is odd, that land or sea is free for responsible human development and exploitation, as basically all land is today.  If the sum is even, that area is reserved from human exploitation, no agriculture, fishing, hunting, forestry, etc.  Exceptions can be made, especially exchange of preserve areas where the benefit is obvious, but exchanged area must be nearby, in the adjacent checkerboard square, and should result in a net increase of preserved area to compensate for any fragmentation.

How do we get there?  That is the by 2150 goal.  Policy analysts can debate for decades the best way to evacuate the reserved areas, but if you look back at the world in 1850, and look where we are today, there is no reason why humanity couldn’t move out of the preserved areas in such a timeframe.

This blog is intended as a place to develop these ideas and discuss their ramifications.


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